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Housing Stabilization Services


Housing Stabilization Services is a Medical Assistance benefit to help people with disabilities and seniors find and keep housing. They can be referred through their waiver case manager, and if they do not have a waiver, they will need a professional statement of need and a housing focused person-centered plan. A targeted case manager, or care coordinator can complete the housing focused person-centered plan. If an individual does not have a targeted case manager or care coordinator a housing consultant can create the plan. Once the referral has been received Monarch Support Services will enroll the individual with DHS.  When the individual is approved for services a Housing Stabilization team member will set up an intake with the individual.

Housing Consulatation

People who do not have waiver or targeted case management or a MSHO/MSC+ care coordinator, but need Housing Stabilization Services, can complete the person-centered planning needed through an enrolled housing consultant. Enrolled housing consultants help a person develop a Housing Focused Person-Centered Plan (DHS-7307) and support the person to select their housing transition or sustaining provider. This service must be distinct from all other services and not duplicate other services or assistance available to the person.


Transition Services helps an individual to plan for, find, and move to a home in the community using person-centered planning. We assist with finding available options through housing search. We help overcome barriers to find housing. Assist in navigating the application process and guide them through the moving process.


Sustain Services support individuals after moving or while remaining in already stable housing. Services include but are not limited to. Coaching to develop and maintain key relationships with property managers and neighbors. Help building connections within the community. Work on personal goal setting and advocate on behalf of them. Assistance with the housing recertification processes.

24-hour Housing Support Services


24-Hour Support Services allow individuals to connect to a live support person 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. These calls are intended to decrease anxiety and communicate frustration or challenges. Monarch Support Services helps individual’s problems solve mental, physical, and emergency situations. 

Referral Form

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