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Services Referral Process


If a person has a Coordinated Services and Support Plan (CSSP), that is the only documentation that is needed along with the Monarch Support Services Referral Form. The CSSP document shows proof of disability, proof of assessment, and is also considered a person-centered plan.

Case Managers:

  1. Download the Monarch Support Services referral form.
  2. Submit the referral form with a CSSP to Monarch Support Services
  3. Referral form can be emailed to  
  4. Please contact us with additional question 612-798-1725

If a person does not have a waiver but does meet the qualifications for HSS they will need one document that satisfies each of the following categories:

  • Referral form from Monarch Support Services
  • Proof of Medical Assistance: PMI or copy of MA card
  • Assessment:
    • MNChoice assessment or
    • PSN or
    • Coordinated Entry receipt number
  • Proof of disability:
    • PSN or
    • medical opinion form or
    • proof of SSI/SSDI
  • Person Centered Plan:
    • CCP (seniors) or
    • Housing-Focused Person-Centered Plan (completed through HSS consultation)
Referrals on Clipboard

If you have any questions or need assistance with the referral process, please contact us for assistance.

Referral Form (PDF)

Professional Statement of Need  / PSN Form (PDF)